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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Dress shopping with the posse

Today was the big bridesmaids dress shopping day. All my girls (Amy, Becca, Eireann, Julie, and Rob) and I went out in search of suitable bridesmaid attire. I decided to let everyone pick their own dress and as long as we got everyone in the same brand, we could get the same colour and it was all good. So off we went. I had a list on me of all the brands that I like the navy colour. We started at Jena's (where I got my dress) and everything was Romantic Bridal and life was good. Then off to Hamilton (bust). Then home to my house for lunch. Then Becca got the idea of going to Waterdown to check out some stores there. Then this one store had Alfred Angelos up the wazoo. Now half the girl's like Alfred Angelo best and half the girls like Romantic Bridal best and half the girls could go either way!

My call, of course. They keep making me decide stuff and stuff.


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