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Friday, October 15, 2004

Dress Shopping

I just got back from dress shopping with Robin (my maid of honour, younger sister, and fashion consultant). We went to two stores (the only two in Burlington: Jena's near my house and Promises and Lace downtown). Two stores is about my limit before all the dresses start to look the same. We saw two dresses that we both agree look super fab on me. Both around $1000. Yipes. But that's what dresses cost apparently and can you really put a price on beauty? (yes, you can: $1000).

Anyway I wish I could post all the dress try-on picks for all to see but unfortunately my blog co-host is not allowed to see them (otherwise we'd get divorced in 3 seconds, or our house would burn down and we'd have to live in a cardboard box, or something on account of our bad luck).


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